Wood Burning Kit

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# Of Wood Products

The Wood Burning Kit is one of our favorite projects, allowing you to express your creativity with the ancient art of pyrography or wood burning. The kit includes a Walnut Hollow natural tree slice and a Walnut Hollow wood-burning tool, enabling you to burn designs directly into the wood surface. This technique produces a rustic, yet elegant craft that can be added to your home decor or gifted to friends.

To help you perfect your technique, the kit comes with a practice piece of wood. Additionally, the included gloss finish provides a polished look, while a selection of paint colors allows you to add extra pizzazz to your project.

Every kit includes a natural 10x8" wood slice, with the option to add three wood coasters for $5 or coasters and a wood photo block for $10 extra. If you have specific wood product requests, please let us know in the order notes or by email.

If you'd like specific designs or paint colors for your project, we are happy to accommodate your special requests. Simply let us know in the order notes.


Customer Reviews

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Bonnie C.

I can not write a review from my point of view as my step daughter walked away with this kit, she said it was so much fun, great tools were included as the boards and patterns in the kit. She loved working on this one and looks forward to shopping at my house again. Guess a gift subscription might be a good Christmas gift this year.

Cassandra M.

The Wood Burning Kit Blew me away even more so than the metal stamping kit just like that kid and add step-by-step photo instructions on how to use it and every single thing you need it it came with the everything!!! I just got home from the hospital last night and I'm getting ready to use the wood burning kit for the first time & my hubs just said I look like a little kid on Christmas and he hasn't seen me smile this much in a long time or be excited to work on crafts and a long time since I've been a long tile crafter I make books San Jose journalist and stuff like that but since I got sick and now I'm on palliative that's now moving me to Hospice I kind of lost my joy in doing much of anything because when you're young and going through this it's kinda hard to be happy but apparently I am extremely happy I look at and I feel it so thank you guys so much for making kids that are so amazing and they can bring happiness back at least to me! Highly recommend this company for anything!

MollyJo T.

I've never done ANYTHING like this before. Got the kit as a bachelorette activity but we didn't end up using it. A friend came over and we decided to get it out and play around. I was FULLY expecting to suck but the instructions were SO good and well thought out it made it really really easy to pick up. Absolutely a treasure of an afternoon with my friend, and the kit had literally everything in it which was AMAZING. I love that about these kits.

Hyun Joo C.

The perfect gift! Had this delivered straight to my cousin who lives out of state. She's been wanting to spend more "me-time" doing artsy stuff and she absolutely loved this. This is my second time with Adults & Crafts (still using the cutting board from last time). Definitely my go-to for gifts and for myself.

Jenna D.

Fun to learn