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About Us

It all started over a few beers in a pub in Scottsdale, AZ in Feb of 2016... Marianna told Kevin an idea and the next day Adults & Crafts was born.

Born with one simple goal in mind: to make crafting as convenient and fun as possible.

We've always loved crafting, but it was the preceding activities (picking a craft, buying the materials, figuring out how to make it, etc) that made the task a bit too daunting. It was time to turn those Pinterest pipe dreams into a reality. And not just for us, for all!

Our model is simple, we do the heavy lifting by picking the crafts, figuring out how to make them, choosing the correct materials, packaging it all together and then ship it directly to your door. We make all the mistakes first so you (hopefully) don't have to!

We offer three main products: individual craft kits, craft party packs, and our monthly craft subscription box: the Adults & Crafts Crate

We really appreciate you visiting Adults & Crafts and especially taking the time to read this! If you ever have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us, we are real people who love to have real chats!