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We painted on Mother’s Day as a mother daughter craft.


I have never made candles before so it was a little scary at first. I gave it to my granddaughter for her graduation with a dozen roses. Absolutely loved it.

Great kit, definitely recommend!

Loved the candle boat kit, lots of fun items included, detailed instructions with pictures. Everything you need is included!

sooo fun

This months was to make asoy candle. There was enough supplies that my sister and I are going to make Christmas gifts out of the remainder. Received this as a gift and have been so pleased. "It is the gift that keeps on giving."

Absolutely loved this kit! I'll always be up for candle making!!!

A fun way to learn something new

I love my monthly craft box. In a busy life, it gives me an easy way to take me time while trying a new craft, without having to take the time and effort to think of and buy the supplies for a new craft. Every month is something new and fun. I always look forward to opening the next box.

This kit is a win!

I love how these kits come with Everything you need! It even came with the blade to cut the soap all fancy. This was easy to use, and I'll be making more soap for gifts in the future.

Beautiful pieces I enjoyed making

I really enjoyed painting the vases in this kit. The sugar metallic paint looks even better than in the photos and gives the items an elevated feeling. They don't look like a simple craft project. I did not use the wood block. The foam brush was missing from my kit, but they immediately sent it to me after I notified them via email. Overall, I would highly recommend this kit. It was easy to do, relaxing, and creative, and it left me with useful finished products.

Resin Serving Tray Kit
R. Rene Carson
Loved this!

Great craft kit. Clear directions well -packed and the end product was gorgeous!

Moss Wall Kit
Jaimie Q
So Simple and Fun!

This was such a fun kit! I was able to just sit down at the table during my toddler’s nap and do the entire project. It was nice to be able to personalize it, but there were very clear instructions. I absolutely love the way it turned out! Probably my favorite kit so far!

Love the variety!

I got subscriptions for my mom and me for Christmas a year and a half ago and we still love it! We have a craft party every month and there's always something fun and unique. We will definitely keep renewing!

Not really my kind of craft, but it got me doing something new

This wasn't the kind of craft I would usually have any interest in. I've never worked with this kind of paint, though, and it was interesting to try something new.

Love these kits!

I love these kits and always get so many compliments on the end results. It’s exciting to see what comes every month, and the instructions are always easy to follow.


I find painting the vases to be relaxing and allows me to be creative. The paints and vases are nice. The brushes were stiff and hard so I needed to find other brushes. The instructions recommended using the sponges but those were not included in the kit. I am looking forward to the next kit.

Love the sugar paint and vases.

The brushes included were crap, the bristles were falling out just removing from the package, didn't even attempt to use as I have good brushes.

Layered Soap Making Kit
Kristen Labruzzo
Love this Soap Kit

My husband and I love making soap with this kit . It's super fun and we are so happy for our purchase!

Resin Clock Making Kit
Sasha Phillips
I love my clock!

This was an amazing project! I’m not creative on my own but I love that that kit had everything I needed to make it!

Just okay

There is nothing wrong with the products, they are great quality like everything else I've received...I just feel like these are things I'd get for my kid to do at the dollar store. I wasn't as impressed with this one. The random wood block made no sense, either.. I know it's to paint, but it seems out of place. I gave this kit to my daughter.

Beautiful Tray

I wanted to learn how to use resin so I bought this kit knowing it would have everything I needed and clear instructions. I enjoyed making a beautiful tray for myself, and have used the mold and my new skill to make a few more to give as gifts. It was fun to do and great results!

I LOVE this kit. It smells amazing, and instead of the flowers I scraped the side of the melting container in between layers and chopped up the soap like confetti. The step by step process on the paper included in the box is so detailed and easy to follow. It has everything needed to make one thing (brick, block,?) of soap. Basically it fills the mold once. I'm ready to get more supplies and make more soap! It turned out great and I really enjoyed it.

Wall Terrarium Kit
Franklin H.

Love it, the service was amazing and the product fantastic

I finally got to make my resin board. I loved that it came with the full rainbow set of acrylic paint so you can customize it to be whatever you wanted. It was super easy to make - I've worked with resin before and you usually have to measure out proportions and such but this kit included one that was already measured out for you and all you had to do was mix it in a presealed bag! So easy and less messy and less clean up! The only warning I would give is put more paint than you'd think to make the color dark - I was worried about the composition of the resin and paint but in the end, I didn't like that you can see through the resin on some of my more transparent spots. I wish I darkened all my colors so they really show. I also added gold glitter to my board to make it extra sparkly. Another thought I had was to potentially paint the part that I was going to cover so the white board doesn't show and it would've darkened my transparant colors more. All in all, if you take my tips into consideration, it was a really fun and easy project and I can't wait to use this board!

So pretty, easy to do, and got here on time! Thanks!!

This class was so fun! Our group completed the Candle Making Kits. Love the color options and smells amazing! Plus, you can use the molds for future projects. Success for a virtual team bonding event!