Gifting Adults & Crafts

Ready to give one crafty gift that keeps giving? Whether you want to gift someone one of our DIY craft kits or maybe even make them a personalized craft, here are some great ways you can gift Adults & Crafts...


Subscription Box: The Adults & Crafts Crate

This will send a brand new engaging craft kit to the recipients house every month. Each kit comes with all required tools and materials for a trendy project. This is a great option to purchase once and have the gift keep coming every month. The recipient will get a wide variety of fun projects which will have them continually thanking you every month!

We come up with a brand new surprise craft kit every month, but we do allow for customers to customize their subscriptions with the craft kits they want on a month-by-month basis (i.e. cannot pick all six crafts at once for a six month subscription). All we ask is you email your request to before the 15th of each month.

For more information, check out the Top Ten reasons to Gift the Adults & Crafts Crate!


Gift Sets

We have gift sets for all types of crafters, from plant lovers to kids to college students and everyone in between!

Each gift set comes with 3-5 craft kits (at a nice discount) that will surely keep the recipient busy and happy for few days, plus have multiple finished projects to cherish forever!


DIY Crafts Kits

Does the recipient have an interest in certain crafts such as wood working or epoxy resin? Then get them exactly what they want and pick out a craft that would put a smile on their face.

Buy two of the same crafts if you want to do them together or on a date night, or buy a multiple different kits to keep the recipient on their crafty toes.

You can also buy a kit for yourself and personalize it in a way the recipient would love! There is nothing like a handmade gift.

We have such a wide variety of kits we can almost guarantee there is a kit for everyone on your list!


A Gift Card

Have no idea what to get but want to help them get their craft on? Then go with the safe bet and get a gift card! Then, they can use to get anything they want (a subscription, DIY Craft Kit, or both!) from our website.