Wine and Craft?! Yes, Please!

With the popularity of Sip & Paint classes around the nation, it's no wonder our customers have been on us to provide some wine with our DIY Craft Kits. While we can't quite sell alcohol directly to you, we are doing the next best thing! We have just partnered with Winc, the most popular wine subscription box in the nation, to help make it as easy as possible for your to sip & craft! We didn't call our business ADULTS & Crafts for no reason!

The process of subscribing to Winc starts with a taste test that Winc uses to match their hundreds of wines with your unique palette. Every month, Winc will send four bottles directly to your door and they always ship free! Bottles from Winc start a $13 and to start, they are offering Adults & Crafts customers $22 off their first month by signing up through this link.


Wine and crafting go hand in hand, and with their powers combined, you can have the best nights in ever, and in the easiest way imaginable. You already know that our DIY craft kits come with all the required materials, tools, and accessories for an engaging and trendy DIY craft project. Now you can not only get a craft kit delivered to your door but also some high-quality wine with it!


So don't delay! It's time to enjoy some of the best wine in the world while crafting in the most convenient way imaginable.


Take Winc's taste test here and then get ready to sip and craft!

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