The Top Ten Reasons to Subscribe to the Adults & Crafts Crate

The Adults & Crafts Crate is a monthly craft subscription box that sends all the materials, accessories, tools, and instructions needed for a trendy and engaging craft project. When people ask us "why should I subscribe?" or "this sounds cool, tell me more?", it's difficult to know where to start!

So here is our attempt to get the top ten reasons to subscribe to the Adults & Crafts Crate down on "paper".  Let's give this a try... 

1. It's Crafting at it's Most Convenient

This is the main reason we started Adults & Crafts, to make crafting as convenient as possible. We had hundreds of DIY craft Pinterest pins that we wanted to do, but when push came to shove, the tasks of picking a project to actually d, figuring out how to make it, and going around to buy all the materials for it made the endeavor a bit too daunting. 

Co-Founder, Marianna, had had enough! She thought "why can't crafting be as easy as ordering a pizza?!", and thus Adults & Crafts was born.

Every Adults & Crafts DIY Craft Kit comes with everything you need to create a trendy and engaging project. That means every month of the Adults & Crafts Kit comes with the necessary materials, tools, accessories, and easy to follow instructions to get a fun project done! Our goal is to allow the customer to skip right to the fun part: crafting! We'll do all the heavy lifting.

2. A Totally Different Project Every Month

Our mission with the Adults & Crafts Crate is to offer a wide variety of craft projects. We do this for a few different reasons...

  • It introduces you to projects you may otherwise never have tried
  • You will be able to learn an arsenal of different craft skills
  • If you do end up loving a project, i.e. woodburning, you now have a "starter kit" for your new favorite hobby!

Projects vary from woodworking, clay, terrariums/floral, cement, wood burning, soap making, and almost everything in between!

3. Finished Products are Beautiful, Fun, and Functional.

We pride ourselves in picking projects that can either be displayed at home for you to show off to friends and family (making great talking pieces) or that can actually be used for a functional purpose.

Some artsy projects include wood burning, string art, terrariums, and wall art. Some functional projects include alcohol-ink dyed coasters, embossing card making, clockmaking, wine & cheese chalkboard serving tray, and soapmaking. The functional projects are especially nice because a lot of them are products you would otherwise probably spend more money on to buy from a retail shop.

4. It's Something to Look Forward to Each Month AND it Gives you that Good Ole' Sense of Accomplishment

There are a few different reasons why the subscription box industry has grown over 800% since 2014, but one of the main reasons is the surprise factor of opening a new box every month. It is like a mini Christmas morning every month!

Remembering that you have something to look forward to every month can really brighten your mood on those inevitable "off days". Then the really fun part comes after opening your box up and seeing what's inside.

Now it's time to get your craft on! The act of crafting can be a mini escape from the hustle of bustle of everyday life, it allows you to get lost in the craft and gives you a reason to get off your phone (except when you take that Instagram picture).

Once you're done, and you're (hopefully) proud of what you made, it's time to show off your craft, which gives us you "feel-good sense of accomplishment" emotion that turns that OK day, into a great day!

5. Be Careful, it's a "Gateway Craft"

As we mentioned earlier, you may just find your favorite new hobby via our monthly craft subscription, but that's not all.

Many of our customers have described crafting as "addictive" and now look for any reason to craft. This means they start to have crafty date nights, craft parties with their friends and family, and jump into their own crafting routine.

You never know until you try, but what we do know is more craftiness = more happiness.

6. It's More Engaging than Coloring and Painting, and you can Still Enjoy some Wine.

We aim to make our projects a bit more engaging than a coloring book or painting. That is nothing against coloring or painting as we love those activities as well, but we like to be well rounded with our crafts, a jack of all crafts per say! 

Adults & Crafts DIY craft projects act more as guidelines or outlines. We give you everything you need to get the project done, but with a degree of freedom that allows you to put your own unique touch on it. You can put as much effort into each kit as you want thus making it as straightforward or as intricate as your crafting heart desires. Some of the designs and ideas our customers come up with are truly mind-boggling!

7. Kits and Finished Products Make Great Gifts

As they say, giving is better than receiving, and giving a handmade, personalized creation is even better! Many of our of our monthly craft subscription projects are perfect for giving a meaningful, thoughtful gift. Or if you don't have enough time to create something yourself, you can just give the full craft kit. Who knows, you may even get a finished craft as a return gift! Does that count as re-gifting, we don't think so!

8. You Assemble a Collection of Useful and Fun Tools

If you were subscribed to the Adults & Crafts Crate over the past six months you would have acquired a wood burner, hammer, screwdriver, hot glue gun, embossing heat tool, rolling pin, paint brushes, paint tray, and many other useful tools.

We think of this as a special bonus for subscribing to the Adults & Crafts Crate. Our main focus is not to load you up with tools, but I guess that just happens anyways! 

9. It saves you Time, Money, and Frustration. 

THIS is the main reason we started Adults & Crafts. We wasted so much time figuring out how to make a project and running around to get materials. Then once we got home, we would either realize we bought the wrong stuff or messed up the project. Frustrating to say the least! So we decided it was much more efficient and effective if WE did the heavy lifting so YOU can skip right to the fun part: CRAFTING!

Also, it is our goal to send just enough of the materials for you to get the project done, but not so much that you have tons of unusable materials laying around. This also helps you avoid buying way more than you need at the store, thus saving you some hard earned cash.

10. After all, Crafting IS Cheaper than Therapy!

Crafting can be very therapeutic and can provide that sometimes necessary escape from a hectic day. Allowing yourself some time away from your phone and helping you forget some unfortunate event from earlier can do wonders for your mood. Especially when you are doing some fun, engaging crafting instead!


So there you have it, ten legit reasons to subscribe to the Adults & Crafts Crate! Follow this link to subscribe yourself or a loved one up!

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