The Adults & Crafts Crate: The Gateway Subscription

Being based in Colorado, we are used to the ole saying that marijuana is a gateway drug, and while the jury is still out on that claim, we do have conclusive evidence that our monthly craft subscription box, The Adults & Crafts Crate, is a gateway subscription box!

 What do we mean by that exactly? Well, just as people claim that marijuana will lead people to heavier drugs and possible addiction, the Adults & Crafts Crate can lead people to an addiction to new craft techniques and can blossom into a new hobby. The major difference is while a drug addiction is undoubtedly a negative outcome, an obtaining a new craft hobby is, in our humble opinion, an unbelievably positive outcome!

So you may be wondering where our conclusive evidence may lie? Well here are three different examples.  

1) Woodburning - What we consider our signature craft kit for a variety of reasons, multiple different customers have become woodburning fanatics after receiving our kit. Our Woodburning DIY Craft Kit includes practice wood, multiple wood products, and most importantly, the wood burning tool!

We aim to give the customer a taste of the craft and if they like it, they can run with it and the best part is they already have the wood burning tool and other accessories needed for them to (wood) burn their hearts out! 


Here is an example of an Instagram Post from our customer Ashley, her piece was amazing!


2) Color Crafting - We have a few different projects that you guessed it, use a lot of colors! A couple of these include our Alcohol Ink Coasters DIY Craft Kit and our Marbling Paint Diy Craft KitBoth kits require techniques that once learned, can be used on all types of products, and frankly, that's exactly what happens sometimes. We had one customer that went on a marbling rampage and marbled almost everything in her house after learning the new DIY craft technique. The possibilities with alcohol ink dying are truly endless!


A Variety of Ink-Dyed Coasters!


3) Embossing - It all started with an innocent Embossing Cardmaking DIY Craft Kit around the holiday time and has since turned into our FAVORITE craft technique. What we didn't know when we first tried embossing (which if you haven't tried it yet, you must!!), is that you can emboss almost anything includes tumblers, mugs, glass, paper, and almost anything else underneath the sun. One of our customers has turned her embossing technique into a bachelorette party business and now makes customized embossed tumblers for bachelorette parties, amazing!

So there are just a few examples of our monthly craft subscription introducing customers to new crafting technique that then turned into new hobbies. We aim to have as much variety as possible with our DIY craft selections. We also include the required tools for certain techniques which gives lifetime value to almost every kit we sell! One month may not be your cup of tea, but there is a very good chance the next month will be with the Adults & Crafts Crate monthly craft subscription box!

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