The Mental Health Edit Volume III – Motor Skills

The Mental Health Edit

Volume III – Motor Skills.  

As we grow into a more digital world, we may find that we have fewer opportunities to work on our motor movements. However, this is an important skill to maintain as we get older and crafting has been proven to be a great technique to improve this. 

“I subscribed to this crafting box experience without any expectation. I'm almost finished with my very first craft and I must say that I am very excited with how it has come along.

I'm an inpatient in a Spinal Cord Injury Hospital. As part of OT ( Occupational Therapy) we are working on this as we have discovered that it's wonderful therapy for my fine and gross motor skills. You all at Adults and Crafts have made a huge impact. Thanks for bringing a new light into my life just when I needed it.” - Cynthia T.

During art activities, we enhance our fine motor skills by using the various muscles in our fingers, wrists, and hands. Regular use of these muscles improves their strength, finesse, and practices our hand-eye coordination. 

In addition, crafting is a mind-body technique that can help reduce pain and the need for pain medication. According to research conducted by Harvard Medical School (2015), pain involves both the mind and the body, so mind-body therapies may have the capacity to alleviate pain by changing the way you perceive it. 

For example, arts and crafts have been found to help reduce pain in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, but how does it work? A relaxed mind can promote better blood flow — particularly in the hands, fingers, and wrists — therefore easing emotional stress may help reduce physical pain, too.

It can be difficult to find either the time, or a creative way to keep our physical skills engaged, especially as we age. Our kits at Adults & Crafts addresses both of these hurdles by offering DIY projects in the most fun and convenient way possible.

Explore our wide variety of motor skills-based kits here.

Sources: Spectrum Health, Harvard Health Publishing

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