The Mental Health Edit Volume II – Focus

The Mental Health Edit

Volume II – Focus.  

Crafting is known to be good for the mind, body, and soul, but let’s dig deeper into the mind part. 

“I purchased this service/product for my mother.  She loved the variety and the opportunity to explore something new each month. Thank you for this opportunity - very cool concept and a great way to keep the mind and creativity active!” - Kimberly M. 

Research on the cognitive benefits of crafting have shown improvements in mental agility. In 2015, the journal Neurology looked at a group of people around 85 years old and their levels of engagement in the arts. They found that people who exercised their artistic muscle were 73% less likely to develop memory problems and reduced mental function, compared to those who didn’t partake in artistic activities. In particular, people who did a lot of crafts like woodworking and quilting were 45% less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment than people who did not. 

In addition, Yonas Geda, MD, a neuropsychiatrist at the Mayo Clinic, completed a study that displayed that certain crafts are neuroprotective and may reduce dementia by as much as 50%. By doing creative activities like arts and crafts, older adults can delay the development of age-related cognitive decline and memory loss.

A series of studies from the Synapse Project (2018) continues to demonstrate the way in which crafting can promote successful aging. Older adults who spent several hours a week for a few months learning to participate in a new craft activity showed improvements in their cognitive performance and neural efficiency as compared to control participants.

These studies go on to support the importance of crafts as a type of serious hobby that impacts cognitive well-being amongst older individuals. Based on these findings, we at Adults & Crafts have carefully selected kits that require a bit more attention to detail and align with the types of activities that were mentioned in said studies. 

Explore our focus-based kits here. 

Sources: Spectrum Health, Time, Intellect Discover, Mayo Clinic

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