The Adults & Crafts Crate - The Everlasting Feel-Good Gift!

Satisfied, pleasantly surprised, intrigued, imaginative, actively engaged, feeling accomplished, and pretty damn proud. What do all these feelings have in common? I'm sure a physiologist could give us a scientific common denominator, but for us, these are all terms that have been used to describe different stages of giving, receiving, doing, and showing off a project from the Adults & Crafts Crate subscription box.


First, let’s get the basics down. The Adults & Crafts Crate (ACC) is a monthly DIY craft subscription box that sends all the necessary materials, tools, and instructions for a trendy and engaging craft project. The goal of the ACC is to make it as easy and convenient as possible for anyone who has an interest in crafting to be able to jump into a crafting routine.


So let’s connect all those wonderful emotions we started this post with one by one to the Adults & Crafts Crate…


Satisfied: We have all heard the old homage “giving is better than receiving” and in our opinion that couldn’t be more true, especially when gifting the ACC. Every year, people are looking for a unique gift or something for that person who seemingly has everything. Well the ACC is the solution to those dilemmas.


While there might be a little confusion when the recipient first opens the ACC since they most likely have never seen anything like it, after they complete their first project, there is a high probability they will love it! They will then proceed to tell you about it and show you their craft, and you’ll be feeling pretty darn satisfied as you can officially chalk that gift up in the in the win column!


Pleasantly Surprised: One of our favorite elements of the ACC is the that it comes every month! Not only that, but a completely different type of project comes every month. We see this as two different positives. 1) The recipient will be surprised their gift wasn’t just a one-off kit, but a continual package of joy every month (don’t worry, you can cancel anytime) which have them thinking about you throughout the whole year! It’s truly the gift that keeps giving. 2) Every month a surprise project will come making the unboxing process full of anticipation and suspense. Projects vary from woodworking to card making to marbling and everything in between!


Intrigued: Some of the craft projects will be more familiar to the recipient than others which we believe offers the perfect balance between perfecting your craft and learning a new one. For all those projects that are brand new, people get very intrigued with what they entail. That’s where our easy to follow instructions come in to help the customer learn and practice their craft before completing their final craft projects.


Imaginative: It may take a second for the recipient to wrap their head around the project, but after a good read through the instructions and perhaps a YouTube video or two, then it’s time to get the creative juices flowing! We aim to give a wide degree of freedom for each project by making sure they have everything they need to complete the project, but yet still a "blank canvas" to create! For those that need a bit more structure, they can always follow our instructions to a T and use our designs as inspiration.


Actively Engaged: As you can probably tell from the name of our business, we design our DIY craft kits for adults. While kids and teens can still do them, our goal is to get adult crafters of all types in a crafting routine. Our kits are not simple kits such as painting or coloring, but much more engaging such as wood burning, concrete work, and embossing. As we mentioned before, our goal is to send as wide of a variety of projects as possible allowing the recipient to become the jack of all crafts.


Our customers have described doing one of our craft kits as relaxing, zen-like, therapeutic and say it helps them take a break from the rest of what life throws at them. Getting so focused on a project can have a tangible effect on one’s emotions both while doing the project and after the complete it.


Feeling Accomplished: Checking something off from your to-do list feels pretty good right? Well take that feeling, mix in some creativity, multiply it by 10, and that's what it feels like when you finish a month of the Adults & Crafts Crate. Being able to show off your finished product, whether it's displaying it for all to see or using it around the house, feels pretty darn good! Better yet, giving craft project as a personalized gift brings the giving full circle and don't worry, it doesn’t qualify as a “re-gift”!


Pretty Damn Proud: One thing that is guaranteed to happen once people see your project is questions will be asked! And I can tell you from experience when they ask those questions about the project you worked hard on, you will feel pretty damn proud!


Thank you very much for reading about the feel-good Adults & Crafts Crate and if you are interested in subscribing you can do so here.


Stay Crafty My Friends!

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