Need A New Date Idea? Try Crafting!

You can only go to so many restaurants and see so many movies before the ole "dinner and a movie" date gets a bit old. And sure there are other fun ideas such as ice skating, hiking, or perhaps a shopping date, but the best date ever could be enjoyed right in the comfort of your own home!

That's right, we are talking about crafting! Date night crafting never existed in our minds until we started Adults & Crafts, and honestly, it wasn't until some of our customers told us they used our DIY craft kits as a date night activity that it really sunk in that crafting is a perfect date idea. In fact, it became so popular we added a Date Night DIY Craft Pack to our collection of craft kits.

Not only does crafting bring you and your loved one together under different circumstances than you are used to, but crafting has a way of bringing out some genuine conversation that otherwise may not come up over dinner. It does a great job of smoothing over any tensions or even rekindling a weakening relationship. Throw a bottle of wine in there and you never know where the night may lead, or what type of designs you come up with.

Not only does craft date night bring out some great conversation, but the process of crafting together can expose a creative or silly side of someone that may otherwise remain dormant. This is especially true for many guys who haven't dug deep into their creative reservoir since middle school art class. It is amazing what some people are capable of, they often surprise themselves!

The best part of a crafty date night is when the crafting is all complete for the night, you will each have multiple finished products you'll be able to keep and remember the night forever.

We have even seen craft date nights used for a first date idea, which (potentially) gives extra special sentimental value to those finished products!

Whether it's for a first date, a mother-daughter date, or a 25th anniversary, a date night that involves crafting is guaranteed to bring out the smiles. So if you are looking for a new date idea, look no further, crafting is your answer!

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