Essential Products For The Ultimate Craft Room

We call it our sanctuary, the place we can escape from the hustle and bustle of life and be at peace! What makes it even better, we have everything we need in our craft room to ensure the best possible crafting experience. Here are the essential products we have in our craft room that make it the ideal place for us to get our craft on!

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Craft Room Tables

Let's start with possibly the most essential item you'll need in your craft toom: a surface to do your crafting on! Then let's make it just a bit better and add all the storage and drawers you'll ever need. The Artwork Counter Height Craft Table by South Shore is our favorite (an Amazon customer's favorite) craft table on the market. This functional table is perfect for crafting, has a ton of storage, and will look great in any room! Plus it is made with a material that is more resistant to scratches and stains, making it ideal for crafting.

For a table that is the ideal personal workstation that is highly adjustable, check out the Studio Designs Pro Craft Station. The top surface can be tilted from zero to 45 degrees, making it great for anything from painting to woodworking. It has drawers for storage and even a padded footrest for those extra engaging projects! 

A simple, but sweet and useful option is the Studio Designs Crafting and Cutting Table. This table can be folded up for easy storage. It can be used for your crafting activities, but also for storage and even if you are throwing a party. It is durable, functional, but also looks great!

Craft Room Chairs

Everyone has their own prefference when it comes to chairs, but we figured we would let you know what we use and love: the Essentials Mid Back Swivel Task Chair. Great for many reasons, but the reasons we love it are for the cooling back mesh, low price, comfortable, and mobility. If you're looking for a chair that is easy to move around, but comfortable for those long, FUN craft projects, this is the chair for you!

If you prefer a stool, then the Jack Richeson Three Legged Foldable Stool is ideal for comfort and also storability. After you are done creating your masterpiece, just fold it up and tuck it away to make some more space in your craft room. 

Craft Room Organization Products

Once your craft supply collection is rivaling Bob Vila's tool collection, you will sure need a place and system to organize it all. The good news is there are storage options of all shapes and sizes to suit yours needs. One of our favoriate options is a the rolling storage cart so you can easily move your supplies around. The rolling storage cart we have is the Honey-Can-Do Studio Organizer Cart. With tons of drawers and easy on the eye, being able to roll this to the corner of the room when we aren't crafting is crucial!

For some simple desk organization, we love the mDesigns Art Supplies Tote because its simple, has multiple storage sections, looks great, and you can pick it up and carry it.

For larger storage needs, we use the Seville Classics Steel Wire Shelving with Wheels. This unit is the best of both worlds as it is super sturdy, but still has wheels in case you need to move it around the room. Great for craft supplies and tools (i.e. not super heavy items), this steel unit system has 5 levels for multiple storage levels.

Quite possibly our favorite storage unit in our craft room is our Wall Control Pegboard, the ultimate space saver! We put all our tools and other craft items on the pegboard. It saves a ton of space, is safe, and makes everything we hang on it very accessible unlike trying to find something in a drawer or storage cabinet. We highly recommend installing on of these in your craft room or garage.

One more simple item to go on your wall for accessable easy organization is a magnetic strip for any metal tools you have such as knives and hammers. We have a three piece set from VonHaus and they work perfectly! 

Other Nice-To-Have Craft Room Items

For projects that may need a bit of time to dry, we love placing them in a magazine rack so they do not get paint and other colors all over the place. The Spectrum Diversifed Seville Rack is our choice!

While most of our finished crafts end up in other rooms of the house or outside, it is a good idea to keep some in the craft room. This helps with our inspiration and adds some crafty flair to the room. We have a couple different floating display mantles around the room, but our favorite is the Welland Classis Floating Shelf. Not only does it looks classy, but it can hold up up to 25lbs and is 48 inches long, so you can put a few of your projects on it!

A printer and scanner is essential for a variety of different craft projects. You may need to print out some designs or even some pictures for a photo transfer project. The printer we use and love is the HP Envy Photo 8755 All-In-One.

Cutting is essential for a variety of the projects and the quality of your cut will make a big difference on the overall look. For crisp and precise cuts, it's best to use a paper cutter. We use the Fiskars Paper Trimmer which works great and comes in at a low price as well.

OK so there you have it! Add these items to your craft room and you will be in craft heaven. Check back soon as we will be posting an article soon about all the wonderful craft products and tools we use as well!

Stay Crafty My Friends!

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