Crafter Profile #2 - Next Up: Shelly M.

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Moving into the second segment of our recently introduced Crafter Profiles, now we are flying across the country from Georgia where we profiled Kristen W. to check in with Shelly M - a beer and sports fanatic from Northern California. Let's jump right into it!

A&C: Shelly, first off thank you very much for being one of our first customers! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Shelly: I live in Northern California with my husband, two dogs, and three cats. I'm a cubicle dweller who works in healthcare administration - I'm still not really sure how that happened... I love to travel and do active things outside (so long as I have copious amounts of allergy medicine). *this sounds like I'm a contestant on a game show*

A&C: Haha yes and we feel like Bob Barker! We think it's extremely important to balance the work life with some travel and the great outdoors, so how did crafting get into your life?

Shelly: Well, I still wouldn't really describe myself as "into" crafting, really - me and crafting in the same sentence sounds weird. I think one day I was looking a buying a beer caddy on Etsy and thought - 'I'm kinda handy, it might be fun to try to make my own...a few Googles later I was on your website looking at like 10 things I wanted to make :)

A&C: Nice! Ironically we really weren't into crafting about 18 months ago as well! Things have changed a bit. So now that you have crafted a bit, tell us why you like it?

Shelly: I like working on them during the week after work - it definitely changes my head-space for the better! I hate when my day feels like it was all adulting and then bed.  Sometimes my cat Figaro tries to get involved (like by trying to lay on my gold leafing painting...!!). Making stuff seemed healthier than drinking after work... Although I'm pretty good at multi-tasking, so sometimes I do both :)

A&C: We would be lying if we said we didn't enjoy a "bit" of wine while crafting as well! So tell us a bit about your experience so far with Adults & Crafts?

Shelly: I've tried a lot of stuff that never really stuck (like the half knit scarf sitting in a spare closet, half written essays, my guitar collecting dust...). I liked the idea of getting to do something new and different every month! One month I'm painting, the next I'm woodworking. I would never take the time to plan and shop for everything - it would be too much hassle, and expensive to buy a bunch of stuff for a hobby you're not even sure you're going to like... It's good for the creative commitment-phobe!

A&C: That brings a smile to our faces because that is exactly why we started this journey! Just trying to make it as easy as possible for people just like you to get some crafting in your life! So what has been your favorite project thus far?

Shelly: I'm a beer & sports nut, so I love my beer caddy. I used my wood burning tool from a previous kit to do some sports logos on it and I think it turned out awesome. It was one of those things I masked as a present for my husband, but it was really for me :)

A&C: Awesome, although I have to admit that I am a bit jealous of all your Giants' success over the past decade!

Thank you very much, Shelly! We look forward to seeing more of your works of art in the future!

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