Introducing Adults & Crafts Crafter Profiles - First Up: Kristina W.

One of the main reasons Marianna and I started Adults & Crafts was to bring the same joy we felt while crafting to the masses! Well, maybe "the masses" is pushing it a bit, but even bringing that joy to one person is worth it and definitely worth sharing. That's why every month we will now be posting one Crafter Profile so you can hear the stories of our customers, their crafting history, and how Adults & Crafts fits into their lives.

Our customers make us who we are, so there is no better way to show you who we are than to profile our customers. First up, we have a fun lovin' country girl from Hoboken, Georgia: Kristina W. Let's jump right into some Q&A...

Kristina with her Wood Burning, Gold Foiling, and Geometric Candle Kits.

A&C: Tell us a bit about yourself?

KW: I am a born and raised Southern Belle from Hoboken, Georgia. A small town where we have one red light, everyone knows everyone, and your teachers in school either taught or went to school with your parents! I am a wife to Robbie, I'm a mom to two boys, Kyler, Rowdy, and one girl Brooklyn 12. I am also a medically retired Army Veteran.

A&C: Wow the Army?! Very Impressive! Tell us a fun fact about you?

KW: The number "3" plays a big part in our lives. My husband and I were together 3 years before we got married. Our birthdays are 3 days shy of being exactly 3 years apart. The dates are 13 and 16. My oldest is on the 13th, middle in 2003, and the youngest on the 23rd. Our Mom's birthdays are 3 days apart and our dads 3 months. We have 3 kids. My daughter played football and softball using the number 03 and my son 13. The number 3 consistently shows up in our lives, planned or not.

A&C: Very interesting! I have a similar story with the number 12, but that's for another time. Anyways, how did you get into crafting?

KW: Being from a small town, there's not a lot to do other than outdoor activities. So for rainy day fun (we didn't have the internet until I was in the 5th grade), we've always done some sort of crafting or art project for as long as I can remember. I learned to crochet at 5 years old. My Nana taught me how on my finger first and then introduced the crochet hook. I remember my first granny square, I was one proud little girl!

A&C: Awesome! I'd love to see that first granny square sometime. So how does crafting fit into your current lifestyle?

KW: I craft at least on a weekly basis. Whether it's continuing an in progress piece or doing something quick with the kids, there are always crafts. Crafting allows me to feel productive, where I normally feel in the way. Due to my disabilities, I am very limited in the activities I can participate in. Crafting allows me to get into an activity with my family. I absolutely adore the time I have with my husband and kids.

A&C: Crafting can really be a special time when you're doing it with someone else, plus it really does have that feel-good factor. So why Adults & Crafts?

KW: Adults & Crafts are very thorough, you have great customer service, and response time on inquiries. The products are always great quality, and the kits include everything needed. The Adults & Crafts Crate is a wonderful subscription box program for anyone that wants to try new arts and crafts. The pyrography kit (wood burning) was my favorite so far!

A&C: Glad to hear Kristina, thanks for the wonderful feedback. Thanks a lot for your time Kristina, any final words?

KW: Thank you for asking me to do this. Not many companies take the time to get to know their customers. I feel like I am officially a part of the Adults & Crafts family. That is not something that's easy to find. Most of the time customers are left to sort things out with an automated system. The down to earth, one on one type of connection is amazing! It speaks greatly of the integrity of the Adults & Crafts business.

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