Move over Netflix & Chill... Fellas, it's Time to Craft & Chill

If you're anything like me or one of the millions of guys out there, it can be quite difficult to think of a unique and original date idea that you and (hopefully) your better half will fondly look back at years from now. When you're on "the chase", finding something that differentiates yourself from past (and/or current) competition is vital to achieving your goal of winning her over. The classic dates such as dinner and movie, a long walk on the beach, going bowling, and maybe even ice-skating will always be there. Don't get me wrong they can be great if you have great company, but come on, besides that spill that you took on the ice, are any of those actually that memorable?

One aspect of "the chase" that I do enjoy, is the chase itself. The roller-coaster ride of trying to woo one's heart brings about emotions (good and bad) you just don't get at your day job. Sure there will be some downs along the ride, but as a wise man once told me, you need the downs to make the highs that much better. I am here to help you get to those highs. 

Now let's get into the actual activity: doing a DIY Craft Kit. At first glance, you may think of this as a fairly amateur attempt to take her back to the innocence of elementary school art class. Sure that would be the case if you do some finger painting and "accidentally" get some on her face, but we aren't talking about finger painting, we are talking about some pretty legit crafting. Beer caddies, wine racks, hammocks, among many others... some things that you can actually use and require some teamwork and skill to get done. 

Building a DIY craft from scratch together surfaces natural characteristics of both of you that don't just come out over a chat at dinner. First, you both have your minds occupied with the task, promoting natural conversation and limiting the amount of "awkward silences". Second, our projects require a bit of creativity and "figuring it out", a perfect way to show her what you have shown your boss over the years to get promoted. Third, you are working together and better yet, you are seeing how she operates on a fundamental level. Not only do you get to show her what you're all about, but you be able to see if maybe she isn't the one if she gets lazy and just gives up (or maybe you like that). The point is compatibility, you have a task at hand and you get to quickly see how you two go about that task together. It's very similar to traveling with a partner, but to a smaller degree, you really get to see into who she is. 

So far I have taken a somewhat serious approach to this idea of crafting as a date. While you do have a (non-finger painting) task to get done, making a mistake or having a little fun with a design can show her your humble and silly sides. The beauty of it is, the activity of crafting allows you to take your natural route to get the project done. 

OK now great, you had some fun making your craft kit, but now the even better part, you have something tangible to show for it. This satisfies even the most practical guys out there (me included) because an actual useful product comes from it. If it isn't that useful, then you still have something to remember the (hopefully happy) occasion by for years to come.

Bottomline, give craft & chill a try, I promise that doing a DIY craft kit as a date will at least create some memories. It may even go well enough to get to the "chill" part! Who knows, if you guys really like it, you can subscribe to our monthly craft subscription box to make it a monthly tradition.

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