DIY Craft Kits: Creating Tangible Memories

A delightful date, a lively party, and a pleasant evening at home are all occasions we thoroughly enjoy, but do we always remember them a few years down the line? Unless something indelible happened, those moments will likely be forgotten, and we think that's a shame! It's a reason why people keep diaries, write blogs and keep journals, they want to remember all those little things that happen that bring a slice a joy to their lives. Unfortunately, most people (me included) do not archive their experiences properly, so those little things that make life so special are likely to evaporate. Luckily our DIY craft kit projects serve as great memory enhancers, let us explain why...

While we're not quite sure where the quote "jog my memory" came from, it is the perfect idiom to use for our DIY craft kit projects. How many times have you seen something which sparked a certain memory and then that memory snowballed in a full day of memories?

Just the other day I saw a coffee mug that was given to me. From that mug, I instantly remembered that it was given to me on the same day the USA won the Women's World Cup, and we watched that game with a great group of people, who then I reached out to again since I hadn't connected with them since that day. It was an interesting chain of events that all started with seeing that mug, and ended by me reconnecting with some friends. While it is not the most breathtaking story, I could have gone years without connecting with them again, but thanks to the mug, I did! 

It's remarkable how often this happens too, and it's crazy how it may allow you to remember the most random occasion ten years ago. Unfortunately, it goes the other way too. You may have an amazing night out with friends, but if there is nothing to show for from that night, it's possible that night may be forgotten in a year. 

Luckily, one of the pleasant byproducts of doing a DIY craft project is the memory you create while making them. Not only do you create those memories while you create the craft, but you are remembered of those memories (and who knows what other memories) every time you look at that finished piece. Whether it is Wood-Burned Tree Slice or Ink-Dyed Coasters, every time you look at it or use them, you'll remember the day you made them and the people you made them with. 

Maybe you'll even do a craft kit on a date, end up getting married to that person, and be able to look at the craft you made on that date 50 years later, it could happen! Or maybe it goes nowhere after the date, but (hopefully) you can look back at that craft a year later and have a good laugh.

Holding a party where crafting is included is a great way of providing everyone a keepsake from the occasion. Check out these awesome string art kits a bachelorette party in Buffalo made from a craft party pack we provided.

Now, everyone that made one of those kits will not only get a new handmade piece to hang in their homes, but they will all remember the party and occasion for years to come.

By signing up for our monthly craft subscription box you'll be able to use a new craft kit every month to your advantage. Whether you want to make it yourself or perhaps give it as a gift, we can guarantee it'll help you jog your memory. Over time, doing a craft kit every month could do wonders for your memory! 

We encourage you to do some crafting with friends and loved ones and see what kind of memories you can create (and remember)! Every DIY craft kit project we send out has a way of leaving an everlasting, pleasant aftertaste:)

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