DIY Craft Parties - The Ultimate Get Together

DIY Craft Parties: The Ultimate Get TogetherIt's no secret parties are a staple in our society. They offer a semi-regular escape from the hustle and bustle of work, errands, and the everyday grind that is life. Birthday parties are commonplace, baby and wedding showers come around on a fairly frequent basis, and you can always count on a few holiday parties when the time of year comes around. Now and then we get the opportunity to go to (or have) a bachelor/ette party, get our drink on with the Beer Olympics, and perhaps shed a tear at a going-away party. There's no denying that every one of these parties can be super fun, fabulous and just an all-around good time, but today we are going to talk about a different type of party, the DIY Craft Party. DIY Crafting Parties combine some of the best elements of the previously mentioned parties but adds its own unique twist.

First, while it may be self-explanatory, let's talk about what a DIY Crafting Party entails. Just like every proper party that has ever occurred on this earth, the main and most important ingredient is your friends and/or family. They can be comprised of everyone from your most artsy-fartsy friend to the stubborn manly-man uncle, in our experience, they all have fun. Now comes in the hard part, to have a DIY crafting party, you need to have the materials. Obtaining the right amount of materials (and instructions) can be quite the task as first you need to decide which DIY craft projects to make, then figure out how to make them, and finally, get all the correct materials to make them (spoiler alert: we make those steps super easy).

Once the attendees are present, the materials are gathered, and perhaps a little booze is bought, we are almost to the fun part. From hosting DIY craft parties in the past, there is one key element that makes it go much smoother: instructions. Rather than having one person bouncing around and explaining a majority of the steps to everyone, instructions allow everyone to do their craft themselves. This way the chit-chat during the party can be more about Sara's hilarious Tinder date and not how to lay out the transfer paper on your bamboo cutting board. After all, this is supposed to be a social affair.

So now we have everything we need for everyone to make their own unique DIY craft project and better yet, have a lot of fun making it. So while everyone is making their craft, let's talk about how Adults & Crafts makes the DIY craft party the easiest party to throw. Just check out our selection of craft party packs or if you want something a little different, just contact us! After we discuss exactly what you want, we will assemble the pretty sweet craft party pack and send it wherever you want.  Once it arrives, of course with all the correct materials, tools, and easy-to-follow instructions, it's time to get your (craft) party on!

So the craft party is going well, everyone is having heaps of fun creating their craft and can't stop laughing about Sara's Tinder date. Once everyone finishes up, it's time for show and tell. Since all our crafts are completely customized, everyone can apply their own personal touch to their craft and show it off (or at least have a laugh about it) to the party and then at home for years to come. That brings us to one of our favorite aspects of a DIY craft party: everyone gets to take their work of art home and display/use it (or not) for a long time. Now their piece serves both as a great talking piece and as a reminder of how fun that craft party was (and how funny Sara's Tinder date was).

We have had a ton of fun with DIY craft parties and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to do the same too. In fact, please take as many pictures of the party showing just how much fun you had and the final products and post them using hashtag #adultsandcrafts and you may be featured on our social media and website :)

Thanks for visiting Adults & Crafts, visit our Party Pack page to get the (craft) party started!

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