The Value of an Adults & Crafts DIY Craft Kit

The Value of an Adults & Crafts DIY Craft KitWhen we first came up with the idea of selling DIY craft kits, we decided to take a few pictures of our favorite Pinterest craft ideas to Home Depot and get some of the materials to make them. We showed one of the projects to a gentleman working there and his response completely caught us off guard. He told us "you guys are making my life a living hell." While we sincerely hoped he was exaggerating a bit, we were a bit perplexed, so we asked him to elaborate a little. While we won't give you his whole explanation, it went something along the lines of "ever since Pinterest came around, people come in with a picture of what they want to make, but have no idea how to make it, no idea which materials are needed, and then expect me to give them all the answers". Right then we knew we had a great product with our DIY craft kits.

Today we are going to dive into exactly what makes our craft kits so valuable to our customers including the time saved, money saved, hassle avoided, frustration alleviated, waste prevented, no driving required, tools you can keep, and finally finishing with an awesome product. Our kits bring value whether you are in the crafting hall of fame or have never even picked up a paintbrush. Let's explore...

Time Saved

We did a case study to see how much time it took from us to go from conception to completion of a typical DIY craft project. To do this, we found a craft project on Pinterest, studied it for a bit to determine which materials it required, figured out how to make it, purchased the materials from Michael's and Home Depot, and then made the project. The time breakdown was as followed:

Find a project: 15 mins

Determine materials & how to make it: 20 mins

Drive time and time in Michael's & Home Depot: 1 hour 20 mins

Break: 10 mins

Time to make the project: 2 hours 30 mins

Total time: 4 hours 35 mins

Then to make sure we had a control in the experiment, we had our friends do the same project but had them do it directly from one of our prepared craft kits. Assuming it would have taken ten minutes to pick it from our website, it took them a total of 2 hours and 20 mins. Therefore, from our complex scientific analysis, when receiving the craft kits directly to your door with the correct materials and instructions, it saved 2 hours and 15 mins.

Money Saved

Disclaimer: We are a business, and we do try to make money.

While we do attempt to make a little cash from each package, we do believe we help avoid customers from spending extra money. How do we do this? Well, to start each of our packages come with the correct materials to complete each project, thus avoiding a chance of buying the wrong stuff or incorrectly sized components. Also, we give a proper amount of what is needed to help avert having excessive materials that you will have no use for after you finish. Also, many times your finished product will be overall less expensive than an equivalent finished product you would buy from a store.

Hassle Avoided

Is there anything more aggravating than running errands and then returning home to find you bought the wrong stuff. Or ordering something online and waiting a week for it to arrive only to receive the incorrect product. Well, simply said, no need to worry about that with our DIY craft kits! We made all those mistakes so you don't have to. 

Frustration Alleviated

One of the most difficult parts we have learned throughout the process of getting Adults & Crafts off the ground is figuring out the best way to do all our projects. Let's just say there was a lot of trial & error involved. The good part for you is we went through all those trials and tribulations and put them down on paper so you don't need to experience them. We spent a lot of time and exerted a lot of effort into each set of our easy-to-follow instructions to make it as stress-free as possible to complete one of our projects, thus improving your health and lengthening your life-expectancy:)

Waste Prevented

There are many materials that we send out that have a relatively limited use besides for their intended purpose within each project. Therefore, we send you precisely what is required for each project (OK maybe a little more than the bare minimum, just in case) so you don't have to throw away or keep any unnecessary excess.

No Driving Required

We don't know how far you live from Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or Lowe's (or how far it is between them), but no worries. We gather all the materials and send them directly to your door, so you don't need to find out how far it is between them (at least not for our projects).

Tools you can Keep

While our projects do come with some materials that don't provide much use other than with our projects, some do come with (optional) tools that you can use after such as hammers, screwdrivers, glue gun, and maybe even a wood burner.

The Finished Product

Our craft kits provide value to even the most practical, left-brained, analytical person out there. Yes, some of the projects are strictly for display purposes only, but some of them do serve a (very) functional purpose afterward. For the ones that are just for display, well we guarantee they will be great talking pieces and (most will) look great for years to come in your home.

There are a few more value added points of our projects including the fun you have making them, the easiness of deciding what to make, the incredibly good date idea they are, and the impressive gift they can be. Also, if you are looking for the easiest way ever to have a craft party, check out our party pack page today!

We would love for you to try one of our craft kits today and see exactly how fun it can be to make one of our projects and how sweet your end-product will be!

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