The Top Ten Benefits of Crafting for Adults

The Top Ten Benefits of Crafting for AdultsIf you had asked me about getting into crafting routine a year ago, I would have been a bit intimidated. For one, I wouldn't even know where to start. I wouldn't know what projects to do or where to go to get the materials, let alone how to do those projects. Also, being a more left-brain orientated person myself, it would have probably just gone one ear and out the other, wouldn't have even given it a second thought. Combining those two points put crafting in the similar category as break-dancing and poetry, both activities I admittingly would just not be good at doing.

Then something changed, I just TRIED it. I did a simple project (wood-burning) and found myself really into it. Once I started and put some focus into it, I loved it. Then when I finished my project, I was more than just a little proud of it. Since then I have got into a regular crafting routine, it has been quite (tangibly) beneficial for me. Let me go over the top ten reasons to adults to craft. 

1) There are numerous health and mental benefits.

Some people may think this is just a line of fluff, but trust me, it's not. As a young adult, I admit these probably aren't as beneficial for me as an older person, but they do still help me out. Some of the things I have noticed include better hand-eye and spatial coordination thanks to the detailed work involved with many crafting projects. Also, by using my hands for something other than typing, I can tell my dexterity is maintaining, if not improving.

Then we can get into the mental side of things. The focus that's involved with crafting stimulates areas of my brain that have been dormant since my middle school art class, keeping my brain sharp and more well-rounded. Also, I have to say that crafting really improves my mood. Although it can be challenging sometimes, knowing I am doing something productive (think exercising) helps me get my mind off other things and simply just makes me happier.

2) It gets you off your phone.

I will be the first to admit that I spend WAY too much time on my phone, and I know I am not the only one. I have noticed that a majority of the time I am on my phone, I am just bored, not because I need to be on my phone. It similar to people (me again) who eat out of boredom, not out of hunger.

Since I have started crafting, it has provided my something to do. Not only is the act of crafting a fun activity to do, but choosing which one to do next or talking about my past projects with people are also things that simply get me off my phone.

3) You can get really good at crafting, quickly!

Literally, within the first few minutes of my very first project, I could notice myself getting better. I don't know if I actually was getting better or if it was all just in my head, it doesn't matter, I was focusing more and being more careful as I was really into it. Now after many projects later I can legitimately say I am indeed a lot better, and have a lot more crafting skills to boot. I can guarantee you will feel just like I did if you just start, that's the hardest part.

4) Crafting allows you to learn new skills.

With the variety of skills required for the many different types of adult craft projects out there, you can learn a lot quickly. You could focus on one skill and become a master at that, or do a variety and become a jack of all trades, that's the beauty of crafting. Clay working, wood burning, and photo transfer are just a few of the talents you could easily acquire when you start to craft.

5) Crafting is a great social activity.

This may be one of the best benefits of crafting in my book because the options are seemingly unlimited. Don't get me wrong, I have found myself crafting by myself before and enjoying it, but nothing beats crafting as a social activity. You can do it as a new date idea with your new boyfriend or your wife of 40 years, have a crafting party for a girl's night on a Wednesday, or you could even do it as a unique office party. Crafting promotes natural conversation and curiosity about other people's projects. The questions and answers about how to do something or why someone is doing a certain design open more doors to getting to know someone that just don't normally come up over dinner or regular social engagement.

6) Finishing an adult craft kit provides you that sense of accomplishment we all love.

We have all had it before, and I would bet a lot of money a vast majority of us love that good ole sense of accomplishment feeling. The best part is, unlike homework or a project at work, when you finish a craft you can enjoy using it or looking at it for years to come. The much more prolonged sense of pride of having a quality piece that you created is priceless.

7) You can make your own crafty products you would normally just buy at a store.

What makes Adults & Crafts a unique business is the fact that many of the adult craft kits we provide are functional and practical products. While there are some that are purely for decorative purposes, there are others like them that you can use literally every day. Some of the products are typical things you would find in a store that you can add your own personal touch to (Alcohol Ink Dyed Coasters) while for others, you would be hard-pressed to find in any store. The moral of the story is why buy these products at the store when you can get them for cheaper with Adults & Crafts, have fun making them, make them just the way you want, and then cherish them much more than you would a regular product for a long time.

8) Craft Kits for Adults give you an opportunity to do something a little different.

Sure we all like to take a break from the normal routine. If you are anything like me, your breaks would include going out to the bars on the weekends and attempting to be active on the weekdays. It can get to a point where those too turn into a routine, and while being active is a productive activity, going out and drinking doesn't exactly provide a wholesome feeling the morning after (at least for me). Crafting provides the change-up to the daily grind and a great change-up at that.

9) Your finished products are a great talking piece.

Whether your friend comes over when you're in the middle of making something or three years after you've made it, I can promise that more often than not, your friend will ask you about it and be very intrigued. Just like that sense of accomplishment that we talked about earlier, you'll feel a certain sense of pride when talking about the products you make. Perhaps so much so that your friend will want to do one too;)

10) And with our kits, it couldn't be more convenient!

One of the main problems of crafting in the past was the hassle of gathering all the correct materials required to produce some of the more involved projects. Then there are the times that you do get everything you need, but when you finish you have a surplus of materials that you simply don't have any other use for. Then there are times that you run around to all the stores and gather what you think is everything you need, but you get back home and find out you got the wrong sized nails. Then there are the times that you do get everything you need, but it took you a trip to the hobby shop, craft store, and hardware store and three hours later you are too tired to even start your craft project. And then there are times you get everything you need but are stuck on a certain step of the project that you just can't figure out.

Well, with Adults & Crafts Craft Kits, those times are a thing of the past. Our kits come with the proper amount of the correct materials and easy-to-follow instructions, and best of all they come directly to your doorstep!

We truly believe we offer amazing products and would love for you to find a product you would love to make and cherish after you finish. If you do enjoy our kits, perhaps you could give our subscription box the Adults & Crafts Crate a try! Also, don't forget about our crafting party packs, the easiest way you could have a fantastic craft party with your friends, colleagues, or family.

Check out our craft kits today and find one that is right for you!

Thank you for visiting Adults & Crafts!

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