Heat Embossing Family Style Craft Pack

$ 50.00


Watching embossing powder transform in front of your eyes is magical! Doing it with a group of friends or family is incredibly fun!  This family-style craft pack is a super fun and easy way to learn heat embossing and make multiple greeting cards and a cool floating frame to show off. 

This craft pack includes...

1 x heat gun per four people

1 x set of embossing powder per four people

1 x embossing pen per two people

1 x floating frame per person

1 x set of watercolor pens per four people

5 x greeting cards + envelopes per person

1 x pencil per four people

1 x set of reusable stencils per four people


*If you have a group larger than 30 people, email us at info@adultsandcrafts.com and we will help you out!*

Craft Kits ship in 1-3 business days. If you need your shipment by a certain date (i.e. birthday), please email us at info@adultsandcrafts.com and we will do our best to accommodate! Shipping starts at $6.95 and final cost will be reflected during checkout.

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