Clay Extruder Kit

Sale price$ 36.00

This Clay Extruder Kit comes with all the clay, tools, and accessories to make a wide variety of projects! The clay extruder includes 20 interchangeable discs to choose from and is a very useful tool for creating nice smooth clay shapes and designs. You can experiment with different extruder discs to create various projects. The neutral clay colors provided in the kit will make beautiful new additions to the home. The instructions will demonstrate how to make match holders, napkin rings, a decorative mirror, and a vase. However, there are so many ways to use polymer clay so have fun experimenting! You can also use cracked pepper for a speckled effect by cracking the pepper over the extruded pieces and gently pressing it into the clay.

This kit includes four colors of clay, the extruder tool, silicone mat, a mirror, a vase, a match lighting sticker, a roller, and a clay knife. This kit also requires 15 minutes of oven baking once finished with the crafting.