The Birth of the Adults & Crafts Subscription Box

Remember the pride and joy you felt showing your mom a finished project from your 4th-grade art class? How about that sense of accomplishment you got when looking at a finished project? And then that sustained satisfaction you'd receive when she displayed it for friends and family to see, especially when they would complement it! 

I'm sure you would love to bring those feelings back, but admit it, it's just a bit too inconvenient to actually do on your own.

Unfortunately, for most people, the end of their arts & crafts chapter ends all too early and they just can't recapture those priceless emotions.

Why did that have to end in 4th grade? Why can't it continue? Why can't it be as convenient as it was back then?

Well, just give this article a read and I'll prove it to you that we can help bring those feeling back and create your own cool crafts again in the most convenient way possible.

My name is Marianna and it was just a year ago I realized those precious feelings were dormant in my mind.  One day, after a few super rough days, I did a simple craft project with a friend and realized the perks of crafting went way deeper than I could've possibly imagined.

I had just been"let go" from my Corporate America job (Enterprise Rent-a-car if you must ask) which put me down in the proverbial dumps. My friend, in an effort to cheer me up, invited me over to hang out and do some... crafting. This was a bit of the norm and I was bit puzzled, but I thought "ahh why not?".

Sure I may have attempted to craft on my own in the past, but I doubt I would've gone through the effort to figure out how to do it, let alone run around to the craft store, hobby shop, and hardware store to buy everything I needed. The fact she had everything ready to go and could tell me exactly what to do brought a soothing comfort to me. 

Then we crafted, a string art project, and after having a way better time than expected, I was completely convinced and thought "wow, I need to get more crafting in my life"! 

Since I had more than enough time on my hands, I started scouring Pinterest to find projects to do. There were millions of them, it was tough to decide which ones to actually do! 

Thankfully I would eventually decide, but then came the hard part, buying the materials and making it! Some online projects came with fancy tutorials, but none really told you the nitty gritty on exactly which and how much of the materials to buy and the instructions could've always been a bit better.

Not to be denied, I went out on missions to get some of these projects done!

If you could have seen some of the frustrated faces of the Home Depot employees when I would go in and ask them how to make a certain project! They let it be known I wasn't the only one asking them these fairly vague and frankly unfair questions. 

It took lots of time to figure out the instructions, many miles in my car to buy the materials, and too many failed attempts at actually completing the project...
...but, once I figured it out, it was completely worth it! The process of making it was fun, challenging and then seeing the finished product brought back that nostalgic sense of accomplishment that had been missing since fourth grade.

Not only were the projects fun to do, but they brought these feelings of serenity, comfort, and then a deep satisfaction when I would finish a project and display it for all to see.

After completing a few projects on my own and feeling amazing afterward, I felt compelled to find a way to make crafting as easy as possible for everyone to do!

At that point, without a job or any real direction, I brought my experience and idea up to my good friend, Kevin, over a few beers in Scottsdale, AZ and in an instant a business, Adults & Crafts, was born!

Admittingly, we had no idea how to run a business or how to actually make money off this idea, but after a year of experimentation and making tons of mistakes (and learning from them!), we are finally confident and proud of our product!

Through trial and error, we finally landed on a subscription box, which we believe is the most mutually beneficial product! It allows us to completely focus on and perfect one kit a month and brings you something cool and unique to do every month!

At first, it was tough convincing people that buying our subscription box was better than just doing it all themselves, especially since our kits are DIY in nature. 

Sure Pinterest and other sites put out tutorials on how to do certain projects, but often they make them out to be way easier than reality. Then there's the task of actually buying everything you need, including getting the right stuff and not way too little or much of it.

Once we realized we could do the hard part and assemble craft kits with the correct amount of materials and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, we knew we were on to something. That "something" has now proven to be something real!

It took awhile, but once we got our first core group of subscribers, we started getting valuable feedback. Yes, they gave us some (OK, a TON of) things to improve on, but we also received words such as therapeutic, calming, enjoyable, engaging, convenient, unique, and awesome!

We satisfied the price conscience customers since our kits are always cheaper than the retail price of the materials (without even taking into account the convenience factor!).

We satisfied the customers looking for an engaging project since we aren't sending out simple coloring and painting craft kits, but kits with a bit of complexity to them.
We definitely satisfied the customers looking for the easiest way possible to be able to do a fun new craft project every month.

We figure out exactly how to do the projects, gather all the materials for you, and then send them directly to your door.

Then you'll be able to do the projects, which are always either practical or pleasing to the eye. Not only do you have fun making them, but being able to use them or display them afterward is a continuous bonus!

Now, just to prove it to you and allow you to easily give it a try, we are offering your first month of the subscription kit for half off! For under $20 and free shipping (actually, it's always free shipping), give our subscription box a try and if you don't like it, just cancel it!

The average retail price of our materials is over $40, plus you won't need to run around to buy all the materials, and we will tell you exactly how to do the projects, but give you enough freedom to put your own personal touch on them. 

We even reach out on a regular basis to ask questions about how to customize them for you, yes YOU!

Crafting has made a huge impact on my life, and I invite you to see what it can do for you. 
I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy the first kit, actually, I guarantee you'll enjoy every kit. Why not give it a try? You'll get something tangible you'll be able to cherish for years for the same price as one nice sushi lunch. 
Sign up for our subscription box today and use the code GETCRAFTY to get your first box half off. I promise you won't regret it!
 -Marianna, Owner Adults & Crafts