Give Grandma the Gift of Crafting!

Each and every year, there was always one gift I was always looking forward to, the one from my Grandma! I couldn't wait to open it because I honestly had NO idea what it would be. It would range from eclectic clothing to a ping pong table for my brothers and me to a trip to the amusement park. It always kept me on my toes!

Then one day came when I realized I never got her anything nearly as cool as the stuff she would get me! So I stepped up my game and got her some much more thoughtful, personalized gifts, many of which I would make myself. Those definitely brought a big smile to her face!

Unfortunately, my Grandma has since passed, but if she were around today I know exactly what I would get her, the Adults & Crafts Crate monthly craft subscription box!

Yes, that is a shameless plug for a product near and dear to my heart, but it honestly is the best gift ever for a grandma. Let's go over some reasons why...

- Crafting has a lot of health benefits including improving cognitive skills, dexterity, emotions, hand-eye coordination, and can even turn back the clock a bit. For more on that, read our blog post on the Health and Mental Benefits of crafting. 

- She'll get a surprise every month, and think of you every time it arrives! Each month a surprise DIY craft kit will come to her doorsteps and get a reminder of how much you love her. It's the gift that truly keeps on giving!

- She'll probably give you some of the crafts she makes. And that's a good thing because she'll either 1) make a beautiful craft and/or 2) make something you can actually use as many of our DIY craft kits are functional. 

- Let's be honest, Grandmas LOVE making stuff! Whether its food, sewing up clothes, or making their own crafts, there is nothing that brings much more joy to them than creating!

- She won't have to go out to buy anything, everything is included in the craft kit! I can tell you from experience, I used to get nervous when she would drive in her later years. Reducing the number of times she had to drive was definitely a win!

- It gives her something fun and engaging to do every month. I used to worry a lot about my Grandma getting bored watching The Price is Right, so giving her one more thing to do to keep sharp would've definitely been a major goal of mine.

- She'll be able to do every project. While our name is "Adults & Crafts", our craft kits can be done by almost anyone. That being said, we also put a degree of freedom in each project for those expert crafters out there to show off a bit. Grandma will be able to take her DIY Craft Kit in any direction she wants!

- She may just find her new favorite hobby. It happens all the time where we send a customer a DIY craft kit and introduce a new craft technique or skill, and then they fall in love with it and run with it! No kit is that truer with than our Woodburning Kit.


So there you have it, multiple legit reasons to gift your Grandma the Adults & Crafts Crate monthly craft subscription box.  

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