Wall Terrarium Kit

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Our Modern Metal Wall Terrarium Kit creates a stunning piece of wall art that adds a touch of nature to any space in your home. This kit comes complete with rocks, moss, and lifelike faux succulents, making it a simple and elegant planter that requires minimal upkeep. Its minimalist design brings a refreshing greenery pop to your living space. Alternatively, if you're a plant enthusiast, you can opt to fill the planter with real soil and live succulents for a personalized touch. Whether you choose to hang it on the wall or place it on a shelf, this versatile terrarium kit is a beautiful addition to any modern interior. The wall terrarium is 12 inches wide. 

Customer Reviews

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Franklin H.

Love it, the service was amazing and the product fantastic


Loved it! It’s so pretty!!

Molly L.

I had the vest time designing this terrarium! It was a simple yet challenging project. Everything that came in the box was gorgeous from the rocks to the artificial succulents that look real. I switched out the rocks with some raw stones and crystals that I already had, buy I think that just brought the design element up a notch. Anyone who is looking for a fun craft kit that looks amazing should definitely get this one!

Bonnie C.

This project turned out to be the best one yet. All my friends rave about it when they see it hanging.. it was so easy to create.

Chelsea B.

Well I enjoyed not having to take care of the plants, but I thought of something better and I wanted room for new plants in another terrarium so I made my own! I kept the plants that it came with and put them in their own flower pot that I had.