Host a Craft Party!

Use, Donate, or Pocket the Money Earned from Hosting an Adults & Crafts Craft Party!

Hosting a craft party has never been easier! After hosting a number of our own craft parties and seeing the joy they bring everyone, we've decided to make it possible for anyone to host one.

We've devised an "everybody wins" party plan where the host gets rewarded for their willingness to organize the party. 

With our reasonable payment structure, the host will pay $25 per attendee (not including themselves, the host get to craft for free). We then recommend asking for $35 from the guests, a fair price in our opinion. The $10 per person surplus can cover food/drink, donated to charity, pocketed, or a mixture of those.

With this system, everyone wins! The host is able to use the extra money however they'd like and host as hassle-free of a craft party as possible. All the guests walk away with three personalized, unique products. And everyone will remember the night forever!

If you are interested in hosting a craft party, here's how it works:

1) You decide to host a craft party.

Currently, we offer a wood-burning party (our most popular party) where you will learn how to wood burn (pyrography) and leave with a brand new picture frame, cutting board, and natural tree slice sign, all of which they get to burn their own personalized design into and paint.

The goal here is to figure out about how many people will be attending.

2) You purchase the craft party pack from Adults & Crafts.

The party pack comes at a simple rate of $25 per attendee (minimum 6 people, free shipping, free crafts for the host).

3) We send you everything you need to craft, directly to your door!

Each craft party pack comes with everything you need to craft including all the materials, tools, instructions, and some party supplies.

4) Set up your party and ask everyone for their payment.

We recommend asking your guests for $35 each, although you're welcome to ask for whatever you'd like. If you are able to get $35 from everyone, then you will have $10 extra per person which you can use for food, drinks, put your pocket, or even donate to charity. If you decide to use this craft party as a fundraiser, don't be afraid to ask for a bit more!

5) Enjoy one of the best parties ever!

The included instructions and practice wood will allow everyone to learn how to wood burn on their own, allowing for more of the fun stuff: crafting and chatting! After the party is over, everyone will leave with their own cutting board, picture frame, wood slice sign, and smile!

6) One more bonus for the host!

We will give you a special coupon code to give out to your guests and if anyone signs up for our subscription box (which usually happens) with your code, we will refund you $10 from the price of your party pack as a token of our appreciation! The coupon code gives your guests free shipping for the first month of the subscription. 


We promise you a wood burning party for the ages. If you are ready to purchase your party you can do so here. If you have some more questions, feel free to contact us.