Holiday Plans Calls for Holiday Kits: 4 Seasonal Favorites

Holiday Plans Calls for Holiday Kits: 4 Seasonal Favorites

Need a new holiday hobby? Tackle traditions the Adults & Crafts way. 

Sip on some Irish Coffee while you make your Hot Cocoa Candles Kit. Soon enough you'll warm up both your body and your home.

Don't confuse your drink with your craft! These look almost too good to be true. 

Blast your holiday playlist and get in the zone. We're elevating the gingerbread house by piecing together our Mosaic Serving Tray Kit.

Bonus: This one doesn't attract ants and is the perfect vehicle for cookies and milk!

No fireplace? No problem. Get cozy and creative with our best-selling Wood Burning Kit.

Burn your designs into natural tree slices and create a new, memorable decoration each year!

Throw on your favorite holiday movie and practice your skills with our Weaving Loom Kit

By the time your feel-good film is over, you will have also finished a beautiful piece of art! 

What are your favorite festive crafts? Let us know!

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