We do the hard part, so YOU can do the fun part!

Let's start with a few facts about how we spend our time in a given day. In our home city of Denver, CO, the average commute time one way to work is about 26 minutes, which happens to be just about the national average. That's almost an hour a day we spend just driving to and from work, and that's not even that bad considering the average in cities like Chicago and New York can be almost 11 hours a week!

Besides commuting, the average American spends about 40 minutes a day grooming (probably a bit more for women ;) ), an hour and a half doing household activities (laundry, dishes, cooking, etc.), and a couple of hours a week grocery shopping. We haven't even started talking about work, sleep, and TV (i.e. The Bachelor). It is easy to see that we are pretty damn busy people nowadays.

With all the hustle and bustle we got going on in our lives, cherishing our leisure time is essential. The problem is, as we alluded to earlier, we spend a lot of time watching TV, almost three hours a day to be exact, not the most fulfilling activity if we may be frank.

So we are busy, but when we have time, we usually decide to plop down on the couch and watch Netflix and literally chill. Well, at Adults & Crafts we are doing what we can to change it up a bit.

We are firm believers that crafting can be not only a fun activity to do, but it can actually be quite therapeutic. Better yet, with our DIY craft kits, when you finish your project, you have something to use or keep for years to come, it's a true win-win situation. The problem is, crafting is not the easiest activity to get ready. Each project requires multiple different materials which you can't just go to a one-stop-shop for, it requires stops at the hardware store, hobby shop, craft store, and possibly more. And to make matters worse, it is very easy to buy the wrong component, trust us, we know from experience.

This is where Adults & Crafts comes in. First, we pick out some pretty cool projects to create. Second, we have built all these projects and made tons of mistakes so you don't have to. From those errors, we learned precisely which materials to buy and the proper way to get the projects done. Third, we assemble all those (correct) materials and (clearly) write out the instructions. Finally, the best part, we send them directly to your door!

We encourage you to check out our craft kits, or better yet, give our craft subscription box, the Adults & Crafts Crate a try. Receiving a new craft package every month which you can enjoy turning into an awesome product is the perfect change-up to the routine that is...life!

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