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Wire & Twine Craft Kit

$ 34.00


The Wire & Twine craft kit includes the materials, tools, and accessories needed to create two different summer-inspired craft projects: 1) Lighted Twine Orbs and 2) Wired Air Plant Holder Picture Frame.


The light twine orbs are made by wrapping twine dipped in wood glue around balloons. After the twine is dry, the balloon is popped and then your orbs can be hung with the included fairy lights for the perfect summer patio accessory.


The wired air plant holder picture frame allows you to try out some wire art. Included in the kit is a real air plant, which can be displayed any way you like within the picture frame. Also, test out your wire art skills and create your own design to be hung up in a room of your choice.


There will also be plenty of leftover wire for you to try out some other forms of wire art. A pair of pliers is included to help to bend the wire.