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Simple Bachelorette/Bridal Party Craft Pack

$ 85.00


**If you would like a more robust pack (more projects), click here. If you would like a simpler pack (fewer projects), different projects, or a different mix of projects in your bridal/bachelorette craft party pack, no problem! Just contact us about what you are thinking and we get back to you as soon as possible with some different options for you!**


Looking to add a crafting element to the next Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower you attend? Our simple Bachelorette/Bridal Craft Party Pack is the perfect way to add a creative, hassle-free activity to the festivities. This pack allows all the attendees to make a special something for the Bride while creating a finished craft they can take home as a keepsake.


The Simple Bachelorette/Bridal Craft Party pack comes with a Homemade Embossing Card Making Kit plus one more craft of your choice. The options for the second craft are Wood Burning, String ArtMarbling, and Alcohol Ink Dyed Coasters.


Pricing is $17.00 per person + shipping starting at a minimum of five people.


Every kit comes with an Embossing Card Making Kit so every attendee came make the woman of the hour a handmade card, and of course, write a special note inside. If you haven't embossed yet then we must warn you that it can be addicting! Being able to create your own design add some spice to it with the fun, yet simple embossing technique is one of the best party activities we have ever done! This is a great way to give the bride a sentimental keepsake from every attendee she can keep forever.


Every kit comes with the materials, tools, and accessories needed to emboss five cards each to gift or take home. 


Then we offer some options for the other project. You can select from the following projects...


Wood Burning - Similar to String Art, but instead utilizing the aromatic wood-burning technique. We include the wood burner and some wood products such as a natural wood tree slice sign, recipe box, photo holding carving block, picture frame, and natural wood coasters. Again, everyone can create their own design or perhaps make a few special tokens of love for the bride. And don't worry, we include some practice wood for you to hone your skills before doing your final drafts. If you pick Wood Burning, everyone will be able to take home or gift 1-2 different wood burned products.




String Art - This project allows everyone their own degree of freedom to make as intricate or as straightforward of a design as you want. You could also all make similar designs as one recent Bachelorette party from Buffalo did. If you pick String Art, everyone will get to make their own String Art masterpiece to take home or gift.




Marbling Paint Kit - This kit comes with a variety of products that can be beautifully marbled such as candles, candle holders, jewelry dish, milk bottles, and mugs. If you pick Marbling, everyone will get to leave with or gift 2-3 different marbled products.




Alcohol Ink-Dyed Coaster Kit - One of our most fun and forgiving (you can start over if you need!) projects that can also be put to use almost immediately after finishing them! This project allows for maximum creativity as there are a countless amount of different techniques for applying the alcohol ink. If you pick Alcohol Ink-Dyed Coasters, everyone will get to leave or gift four coasters.