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Shadow Lamp Kit

$ 119.00


These hand-made, laser cut lamps cast beautiful shadows from your nightstand or counter-top. Turn any room into a majestic, magical dreamland with the lights off and the shadow lamp on.


Each design is equipped with a very specific power source and bulb selection that brings best-in-class shadows to your space. Other designs utilize conventional lighting that will prove to cast blurry, unrecognizable shadows. Don't be fooled by images where the lamp is placed on the wall, not showing the projection of the shadows onto far surfaces. All of these lamp designs will hold true shape over 14 feet!


It hosts a single surface mounted LED to obtain the sharpest shadow on your rooms surfaces. The surface of the lamp is made out of basswood.


Each box is 12"-Wx12"-Lx12"-H, with an easily removable top-side to access the specially selected and assembled LED light tower.


Every Shadow Lamp kit is made to order.


This Shadow Lamp requires about 20-30 minutes of assembly work.