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Homemade Embossing Card Making Kit

$ 45.00


We were always taught there is nothing much more thoughtful than a handwritten note to a friend or loved one. Well, with our Embossing Card Making Kit, you can now turn that handwritten note into a priceless keepsake the recipient will keep and cherish forever. Combining embossing with some watercolor paint can produce cards even Hallmark would be jealous of!


This kit features an embossing pen, embossing powder, the required heat tool, watercolor paint, cards, envelopes and all the accessories you will need to create some stunning cards. This kit is perfect for the holidays, birthdays, invitations, thank you cards, congratulation cards, and or pretty much any other occasion you can think of!


After trying embossing for the first time, we completely fell in love. Watching the embossing powder transform into an elegant finish is really an addicting site. Getting creative by incorporating the embossing into your design can produce some of the most beautiful designs we have ever seen!


After you learn and master the technique, you'll be able to show all your friends and loved ones who's the (em)boss!