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Date Night Craft Pack - Three Projects In One Pack!

$ 69.00


Change up your Saturday night plans. Scrap the dinner and a movie and opt for out Date Night Craft Pack instead. The couple that crafts together stays together, or so the saying goes. Creating with your loved on really is a special activity with cherished projects to last a lifetime.


This three craft pack is also perfect for Mother-Daughter nights, a special anniversary, or just a night in with your favorite person.


The pack includes our most popular craft, Wood Burning with two additional options. Select from Embossing Card Making or String Art for you second craft and Alcohol Ink Dyed Coasters or Marbling Paint for the third.


Date Night Craft Pack Includes:


1) Wood Burning Kit

This includes a wood burner, a beautiful wood picture frame, a couple more wood products including a natural wood tree slice sign and a recipe box, plus all the additional materials required.


2) Embossing Card Making Kit or String Art

Card Making includes Cards/Envelopes, Embossing Powder, Embossing Pen, Heat Tool, and additional materials. Write a personal note inside and gift to your crafting companion.


String Art includes two beautiful wood plaques, designs and string colors of your choices along with paint and other additional materials. String art is easy to learn and always beautiful to look at


3) Ink Dyed Coasters Kit or Marbling Paint Kit

The coasters come with eight tile coasters, alcohol ink, stampers, and the materials needed to create the perfect new coasters for your home.


The Marbling Paint Kit comes with Marbling Paint, materials, and items to marble such as candles, milk bottles, a jewelry dish, and more.


Enjoy a night in with your loved one creating heartfelt crafts that will remind you of this time for years to come.