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Wood Burned Tree Slice Sign Kit

$ 39.00

"I love beautiful wood" - Billy Mays... Yes, that is a real quote, and we are pretty sure there is a second part that says "and love it even more with a beautiful design burned into it". Well maybe not, but this Wood Burned Tree Slice is sure a beaut! 

Definitely one of our favorite projects because of it's uniqueness, the technique involved, and freedom of expression. Putting your own design on a beautiful tree slice will surely get the party people talking at your next gathering. Using pyrography (wood burning), burn in your own design (after a bit of practice that is) and put some finish on it when you're done to give it a natural, but elegant look. We will even include a couple colors of paint if you decide to add to your design when you are finished burning. Do whatever design you want (sports team, home state, names, anything!) and hang it proudly! You can also upload your design to your order and we will print it out and include it with your package.

The process includes practicing your wood burning skills on some spare wood, tracing your design on the tree slice, burning in your final design, and applying a finishing coat to enhance its beauty. 

Total time is about 4 hours which includes the time it takes the final coating to dry.

What's Included?

Tree Slice, Wood Burner, Transfer Paper, Poly Finishing Coat, Two Colors of Paint, Two Paintbrushes (one for paint, one for finishing coat), Practice Wood, Print out of Design (please upload file). 

What's Needed?

Newspaper, Dish for Paint